Cold One® wraps can be used against skin or over clothing. No messy ice or condensation.

ColdOne® wraps deliver both cold therapy and compression therapy at the same time. The combination drives the cold deeper into the injured tissue than ice packs, frozen peas, or frozen chemical gel bags.

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ColdOne® cold compression therapy wrist wraps to stop wrist pain and reduce swelling caused by Repetitive Wrist Stress Injuries including sports injuries, sprained wrist, injury to wrist ligaments, injury to carpal bones, occupational injuries, tendonitis, wrist tendon injuries and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

The wrap provides 20 minutes of cold/ice therapy plus compression to reduce swelling and pain from injury or reoccurring injury.

Inflammation of the Carpal Tunnel produces numbness, pain and eventually hand weakness. Usage such as forceful or repetitive activities in hands and wrists have been linked to CTS. The use of a ColdOne® cold therapy compression wrist wrap will aid in the healing and maintenance of an injured or sore wrist, but also see a medical professional if you suspect you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

ColdOne® wraps are constructed with an outer layer of nitrogen blown neoprene, a middle layer of re-freezable gels, and an inner layer of rubberized linen. Very durable.



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