How Our Wraps Work
Cold One® wraps deliver both cold therapy and compression therapy at the same time. This combination drives the cold deeper into the injured tissue than ice packs, "frozen peas", or
frozen chemical gel bags. The gel capsules are strategically sewn in place for each wrap to
effectively provide cold coverage where it is needed. The individual gel capsules conform to
the body curvature for a close, comfortable fit.

Other wrap manufacturers save money by using nylon, which can fatigue after repeated freezing, instead of neoprene and using inserts which are hard to place and unreliable and uncomfortable.
They may provide cold, but not compression, don’t have durability and don’t come close to driving
cold as deep as Cold One® wraps.

Cold One® offers a wide variety of products for specific injury areas. Each product utilizes the combination of cold therapy and compression therapy. The cold factor lasts about 20 minutes
as recommended by medical professionals and trainers, and the compression therapy continues
as long as the wrap is worn. Re-freeze and reuse.

Pain and swelling of a torn, sprained or pulled muscle is caused by the inflammation in the soft
tissue. The sooner the inflammation is controlled following an injury, the quicker the injury will
heal and the sooner your can return to participation. Injuries to the calf, hamstring, and shin
are among the most difficult to treat with ice. The Cold One® Universal Wrap is ideal for these
difficult areas.

Cold compression therapy constricts the blood vessels and slows down the metabolism of the
cells. The reduced metabolism lowers the need for the oxygen and nutrients and slows the rate
of cell death and the resulting excess build up of blood and fluid. This excess build-up is the inflammation. Until you stop the inflammation, your injury will not heal. Cold compression
therapy also has a numbing effect on the nerve endings decreasing the impulses to the brain
perceived as pain.

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